Detours - The new album from Mike & Doris Merritt




"With a combination of cowboy music, country and western, a touch of “swing” and a taste of “new bluegrass”, the new CD from Mike and Doris Merritt brings a message to spur you on when you come to those “detours” on life’s road."


A road used temporarily instead of a main road; a deviation from a direct route or course of action.

There are "detours" we take in our lives, the ones where we are warned there is trouble ahead and to take the detour, then the detours we chose to take that veer us off the main road and leads us to a place we may not need to be. God has a road for us, one that He would like for us to travel. Sometimes we get off His road & follow our own path. Been there, done that! But if we will let God bring us back on His road, He can use us and our experiences to help keep others on the right road! We are so thankful for Gods direction, even though we get off that path, His sweet forgiveness covers us all and will put us back on His road. If we will pay better attention to those "Detour Signs" that narrow road will become easier to follow & then, what a ride!

"Many, Oh Lord, are the wonders you have done and nothing can compare to the plans you have for us." Psalm 40:5

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