Mike & Doris Bio

IMG 0008Music has been a big part of Mike & Doris' lives even before the LORD brought them together.

Doris-BioDoris is originally from Nashville. She grew up singing in church, riding horses and performing at Opryland. She attended college as a music major at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Then landed a recording contract with MTM Records and a wonderful career with a four girl country recording group in the 80's named "Girls Next Door". They had country music hits on the charts like "Love Will Get You Through Times of No Money". That was their first single and went to #14 on the country music charts! The song was also requested to play on the Christian radio stations! That was confirmation they were where God wanted them to be and He had His hand on them even back then! They followed up with the top ten hit "Slow Boat to China". The "Girls" had the opportunity to tour with many of Country music's greatest! After recording 4 albums, filming several videos, and playing about 200 dates a year, in 1992 the "Girls" called it quits and started new carriers, their families.

"What is so wonderful, all the "Girls" are in music ministry in their churches. And yes, we get together whenever we can and sing and it is still magic! I have a wonderful son, a dedicated marine serving our country and a precious new grand baby, Allie Jane. Together, Mike and I have four incredible children, nine grandchildren and one new great grandson! We are so blessed!

"Being in the music industry was an awesome experience. I had no choice but to grow as I learned so much about life, working with lots of different folks and being exposed to all kinds of situations. I know God was preparing me for what we are doing now! With all the good times, pretty bad times and all the "detours" I took, He brought me back to the path he wants me to be on. God showed me even with my "mess ups" He WILL still use you if you are willing. Because of some of the struggles I went through, with God's help, I can help and encourage someone else to walk to the other side of the trail! That is exciting! And NOW I get to sing for Him and the music is for HIS glory! It is such a blessing and a privilege to serve our Lord by using the gifts and talents he gave us and to minister side by side with my husband!! That is awesome! Thank you, thank you, Lord!!

Mike-BioMike grew up in a Christian home in Texas, cowboying and rodeoing. He worked on ranches, rode bulls & picked up at rodeos. He later worked in the natural gas industry and continued raising cattle. Mike honed his music skills playing and traveling for about fifteen years with a country music band. They had the opportunities to play in some of the largest venues in Texas and sharing stages with many of country music's best.

Being raised in a Christian home really didn't impact my life until I had lived in this world; broken, used up, and alone. Turning to the LORD was my only hope and HIS word is true. He said I will never leave you or forsake you. We have to make a change.

I wanted to rope and ride, rodeo, be a cowboy. Seemed at times I was driven to fulfill expectations; you want to be a cowboy, you will never amount to nothing. Rodeo folks had a reputation for fighting and drinking. It was like I had a curse spoken on me. I carried on the bad reputation, not all cowboys and rodeo hands were living that lifestyle, but it fit me well. The good news is that The LORD just would not leave me alone, even though I spent a lot of the years of my life living for me. The trails I rode took me through some bad times, bad decisions, rough marriages, and HE still tugged at my heart. I do thank my parents that took time for us to go to church and teach HIS word. Planted seeds will sooner or later come up. At an older age I began to listen to what the LORD was telling me. "It is not to late, I know you have lived a rough and tough life, but I am here, still. I died for you and I love you".

Cowboy Church has been a big part of the changes made in my life; the simplicity, the fellowship and the absence of man traditions. HE tells us to come as we are and we can do great things with HIM in us. I began serving the LORD in capacities I would have never imagined. I asked forgiveness of my sins and said LORD do something with me, I am yours. The gates kicked open and I have been so blessed in this work of talking about JESUS, seeing old hands come to accept HIM, and seeing lives really change. We take opportunities to go back to the rodeo arena and have church services. I still get excited to go behind the bucking chutes but it is different. I can go there and talk to these young hands about JESUS and pray with them. Thank you JESUS. The LORD is changing the reputation of the cowboy by changing their lives and I am excited to be a part of it. I could write on and on about what the LORD has done in my life and what HE will do for you. He didn't ask me to change who I am, only what I am. I still enjoy saddling up a horse, pushing cattle to the pens, and strumming on an old guitar. But HE is first in my life, above all things. If you don't know HIM, you need to meet HIM.

So.... it just seemed right, God brought Mike and Doris, their experiences and music talents together to be used for Him!

2 Timothy 1:7 "For God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

Mike & Doris have been involved in the cowboy church ministry for the past seven years and had the privilege of being part of the start-up of about forty Cowboy Churches in the state of Okla. Mike is the preacher at Cowboy Crossing Church & Doris is the music leader. The cowboy church ministry has allowed them to travel many directions and given opportunities to spread the word to the cowboy culture through music, speaking, competing in ranch rodeos, ropings, & many other events. They truly feel they have been blessed to be a part of this movement, seeing GOD's hand at work, watching lives being changed & lost folks finding THE LORD.

Mike and Doris feel passionate about this cowboy ministry because they have seen how God has changed folks that would never set foot in a traditional church. There are great people out there that need the Lord. And we want to let them know how much greater their life can be when they have Jesus walking with them.

1 Chronicles 29: 13 "Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name."